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Membership in the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance

Membership in the
Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance

Membership in the
Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance

Our work is made possible in part through memberships and contributions from key stakeholders. We invite organizations involved in phosphorus sustainability to and join our alliance of members. The membership is open to all organizations that support our mission, including those working in phosphates, biomaterials recycling, water and wastewater treatment, animal agriculture, crop agriculture, and the food and beverage supply chain.


Member Benefits

Members in the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Priority exposure in the Phosphorus Forum, an annual stakeholder meeting centered on phosphorus sustainability (includes one free ticket). Phosphorus Forum presentations are re-broadcast on YouTube for even wider visibility.
  • Visibility as a thought leader in your industry through presentations in our Sustainable Phosphorus Webinar Series and our Phosphorus Science Now! series. Our webinars are re-broadcast on YouTube for even wider visibility.
  • Participation in research conducted by the NSF-funded, multi-institutional STEPS center for phosphorus sustainability.
  • Access to working groups that tackle technical, legislative, institutional and societal hurdles to implementing phosphorus management innovations.
  • International recognition among regulators, investors, and the public as a leader in phosphorus sustainability via online and in-person outlets (e.g. social media, conference talks).
  • Interaction and knowledge sharing with like-minded organizations from across the phosphorus value chain, including through participation on our Board of Directors, if elected. Our staff participates in a number of industry working groups and can help introduce your ideas.
  • Discounts to events hosted by partnering organizations.

We’d like to thank our members for their support

The organizations below are the founding and current members that have supported our mission of being North America’s central forum and advocate for the sustainable use, recovery, and recycling of phosphorus in the food system. Members of the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance generously provide it with financial and other resources to sustain operations. While members of the Alliance do work in areas relevant to phosphorus sustainability and adhere to its code of conduct, membership does not imply the Alliance’s endorsement of their products or services.

Foundational Supporter

OCP is integrated across the entire phosphate value chain, extracting, marketing and selling phosphate and its derivatives, phosphoric acid and fertilizers. OCP is the world’s largest exporter of phosphate rock and phosphoric acid, as well as one of the world’s largest producers of fertilizer.

Current Members

AquaSmart is the creator and exclusive global manufacturer of SeaQuestTM, a unique water treatment additive made from 100% food-grade ingredients that continuously keeps ortho-phosphate and poly-phosphate in equilibrium, but without forming a layer of mineral scale inside of water pipes.

Biochar Now is a pioneer in the biochar industry with strong engineering, manufacturing, sales and administrative personnel focused on making and selling quality biochar on a very large scale.

GreenTechnologies creates environmentally sound lawn and landscape solutions for personal, commercial and public interests. The company develops products from renewable resources for advancement of nutrient recycling and improving environmental quality.

The Mosaic Company is one of the world’s leading integrated producers of concentrated phosphate and potash—two of the three most important nutrients in agriculture.

NACWA is the nation’s recognized leader in legislative, regulatory and legal clean water advocacy – helping ensure a strong, sustainable clean water future.

At Nutrien, our purpose is to “Grow our World from the Ground Up” as the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services. Nutrien plays a critical role in Feeding the Future by helping growers increase food production in a sustainable manner.

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. helps protect precious water resources by changing the way cities around the world manage nutrients in water streams, and by producing a fertilizer that significantly reduces the risk of leaching and runoff further protecting local waterways from nutrient rich water.

Phospholutions developed and markets RhizoSorb technology, a fertilizer additive designed to increase efficiency for farmers around the world. They continue to develop more solutions to address global phosphorus use, including responsible fertilizers, remediating nutrient-rich water resources, and circular approaches, extending the life of our vital phosphorus resources.

Renewable Nutrients is rethinking phosphorus with Quick Wash®, a proprietary system that draws on exclusive technology to extract and recover 95% or more of the phosphorus found in biosolids. Quick Wash is equally effective at treating municipal and industrial waste streams as it is at treating agricultural streams.

The Water Research Foundation (WRF)*

The Water Research Foundation engages exclusively in nonprofit, charitable, and educational activities designed to initiate, supervise, coordinate, promote, and finance research in the technology, operation, and management of water, wastewater, reuse and stormwater collection, treatment and supply systems, towards ensuring water quality and improving water service to the public.

Science and Technologies for Phosphorus Sustainability (STEPS) Center

The STEPS Center is a convergence research community of diverse and leading scientists that addresses the complex challenges in phosphorus sustainability by integrating disciplinary contributions across the physical, life, social, and economic sciences.

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is a global organization transforming the consumer goods industry to deliver more sustainable consumer products.

Strategic Partnerships

AgSTAR promotes the use of biogas recovery systems to reduce methane emissions from livestock waste. In addition to producing biogas, anaerobic digestion systems can also help achieve other social, environmental, agricultural and economic benefits.

Global Water Works’ mission is to connect people, process and technology to solve water issues locally to extend those solutions globally.

NEBRA is a non-profit professional association advancing the environmentally sound and publicly supported recycling of biosolids and other organic residuals in New England, New York, and eastern Canada.

The Water Environment Federationlogo

The Water Environment Federation is a not-for-profit association that provides technical education and training for thousands of water quality professionals who clean water and return it safely to the environment.

* Founding Members