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Phosphorus management is complex. It involves understanding not just regulations but their context, including where the phosphorus comes from and where it ends up.

Recognizing this, the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance, working with industry and government partners, developed a freely available, one-stop-shop for US and (soon) Canadian phosphorus management data called GIS-P. Delivered via Esri’s online StoryMaps platform, GIS-P provides a map-based interface for users to browse, region-by-region, any number of layered datasets, such as land-application regulations for biosolids and manure, designated nutrient-impaired waters, numbers of concentrated animal feeding operations, and locations of wastewater treatment facilities.

GIS-P is a work in progress and will strive to encompass more and more dimensions of phosphorus management. You can help ensure this work stays up-to-date and relevant by becoming a member of the Alliance.