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Webinars and Videos

Webinars and Videos

Webinars and Videos

The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance hosts technical webinars on important phosphorus management issues. Our members participate in the webinars and the phosphorus sustainability community is invited to attend.

In addition, we post video abstracts of phosphorus sustainability research that has been published recently in respected, peer-reviewed journals. The video abstracts are 5- to 10-minutes long and the researchers present their own findings.

Previous webinars and the video abstracts are posted on our .

Most Recent Webinar

The Vermont Phosphorus Innovation Challenge

As with so many states, Vermont has witnessed the effects of phosphorus pollution on its waters, particularly visible as algal blooms on Lake Champlain. In response, the state government has launched the Vermont Phosphorus Innovation Challenge (VPIC) to incentivize the development and implementation of technologies that target reducing phosphorus loads that stem from the management of animal and human wastes.

From 27 applicants, VPIC has recently chosen six technologies to receive various amounts of seed funding, each toward piloting their technologies. At this webinar, we heard from VPIC organizers and from the developers of three of those technologies.


  • Kaitlin Hayes from the State of Vermont
  • Jim Jutras from the Village of Essex Junction (working alongside Raju Badireddy from the University of Vermont)
  • Mike Curtis from DVO, Inc. (working alongside Eric Roy from the University of Vermont)
  • Bobby Levine from Digested Organics


Other Webinar Videos

Webinar – Regulation of Biosolids and Manure Land Application

In the US, there is substantial state-by-state diversity in the rules for when, where, and how nutrients can be recycled through land application of biosolids and manure. This regulation impacts the recycling of nutrients in the food system, including phosphorus.

The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance is reaching the culmination of a comparative analysis on state regulations of land application of biosolids and manure. The information is being rendered as text reports and as an online, ArcGIS Story Map.

On September 25, the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance held a 90-minute webinar with an introduction to the reports and a demonstration some features of the ArcGIS tool.


  • Dr. Rebecca Muenich, the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance
  • Dr. Matt Scholz the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance


Webinar – Phosphorus Recovery from Water Resource Recovery Facilities

Materials that were traditionally characterized as waste are often replete with commodities ready to be extracted and valorized. A number of companies have seized upon this opportunity and developed technologies that advance this beneficial reuse of phosphorus.

On May 24, the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance held a 90-minute webinar with a discussion of the challenges and opportunities in harvesting phosphorus resources from wastewater streams.


  • Matt Kuzma of Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies
  • Jeff Dawson of Renewable Nutrients
  • Mike Dougherty of Lystek International
  • Jordan Lind of CLEARAS Water Recovery


Webinar – Extreme Climate, Extreme Phosphorus

Recent weather events around the globe–from intense hurricanes in the US to massive flooding in Asia–conform to the predictions of climate change models. If extreme weather continues to be the new normal, how will an intensification of storms affect phosphorus flows through the environment and how can we prepare for the increased phosphorus loads? In this webinar, our panelists discussed how climate change is impacting and will continue to change phosphorus flows, and what cities and farms will need to do to protect against increased phosphorus pollution of our waterways.


  • Dr. Phil Haygarth, Professor in the Lancaster Environment Centre of Lancaster University
  • Dr. Laura Johnson, Director of the National Center for Water Quality Research at Heidelberg University


Video Interviews – Phosphorus Science Now

Dr. Matt Scholz of the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance has conducted interviews with scientists about their work in phosphorus sustainability. Learn about their findings in these videos:

Strategies for Dealing with Non-Reactive Phosphorus
A conversation about the Science of the Total Environment paper “Meta-analysis of non-reactive phosphorus in water, wastewater, and sludge, and strategies to convert it for enhanced phosphorus removal and recovery.”

Dr. Kaushik Venkiteshwaran of Marquette University

Managing Diffuse Phosphorus at the Source v. Sink
A conversation about the Environmental Science and Technology paper, entitled “Managing Diffuse Phosphorus at the Source versus at the Sink.”

Dr. Brooke Mayer of Marquette University

Fertility Management to Support Ecosystem Services
A conversation about the Science of the Total Environment paper, entitled “Transforming soil phosphorus fertility management strategies to support the delivery of multiple ecosystem services from agricultural systems”

Dr. Katrina Macintosh of Queen’s University, Belfast