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Webinars and Videos

Webinars and Videos

Webinars and Videos

The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance hosts on important phosphorus management issues. Our members participate in the webinars and the phosphorus sustainability community is invited to attend.

In addition, we create video abstracts of phosphorus sustainability research that has been published recently in respected, peer-reviewed journals through our series The video abstracts are 5- to 10-minutes long and the researchers present their own findings.

Most Recent Webinar

Managing Your P on the Farm

August 10 at 11 am CST

What measures can be taken to ensure that crops receive all the essential phosphorus that they need without polluting the environment? Our panelists provided up-to-date information on sustainable phosphorus use and management during this 90 minute webinar. We heard from Krista Maruca of OCP North America about farmer engagement programs and the business case for nutrient stewardship and conservation; from Dr. Chad Penn of USDA-ARS about field conservation practices to reduce P losses from tile drainage and runoff; from Dr. Heidi Peterson of the Sand Country Foundation about the role nutrient management planning plays in appropriate fertilization; and from Dr. Josh McGrath of University of Kentucky about the role precision agriculture plays in P management.


  • Ms. Krista Maruca, OCP North America
  • Dr. Heidi Peterson, Sand County Foundation
  • Dr. Chad Penn, USDA-ARS
  • Dr. Josh McGrath, University of Kentucky

Other Webinar Videos

Webinar – Food and Phosphorus

All life requires phosphorus, including us. But what exactly does phosphorus do in our bodies? And what are the environmental “footprints” of phosphorus as a result of food production and wastage? For this webinar, we’ll be joined by Dr. Jaime Uribarri of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Dr. David Vaccari of the Stevens Institute of Technology, and our very own Dr. Jim Elser for a discussion of these topics. Ample time will be allotted for audience questions.


  • Dr. Jim Elser from the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance
  • Dr. Jaime Uribarri from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • Dr. David Vaccari of the Stevens Institute of Technology

Webinar – Upcycling Phosphorus for Agricultural Use

The term “upcycling” describes transforming wastes or otherwise low-value products into more valuable products, particularly those of higher environmental value. The upcycling of phosphorus from effluent, biosolids, and manures can yield various types of fertilizers for crops, thereby closing the loop on the nutrient cycle. These products may offer substantial advantages–agronomic, environmental, regulatory–over simply applying the wastes from which they were derived to plants.

In this webinar, we will discuss three such products with their purveyors and ask about the challenges to producing the products, their appropriate uses, their agronomic and environmental benefits, their comparability to more traditional products, and the regulatory complexity surrounding their use.


  • Molly Biedenfeld from Ostara
  • Marla Buchanan from Green Technologies
  • Dr. Tony Daniels, representing Midwestern Bioag

Webinar – Regulation of Biosolids and Manure Land Application

In the US, there is substantial state-by-state diversity in the rules for when, where, and how nutrients can be recycled through land application of biosolids and manure. This regulation impacts the recycling of nutrients in the food system, including phosphorus.

The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance is reaching the culmination of a comparative analysis on state regulations of land application of biosolids and manure. The information is being rendered as text reports and as an online, ArcGIS Story Map.

On September 25, the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance held a 90-minute webinar with an introduction to the reports and a demonstration some features of the ArcGIS tool.


  • Dr. Rebecca Muenich, the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance
  • Dr. Matt Scholz the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance

Video Interviews – Phosphorus Science Now!

Dr. Matt Scholz of the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance has conducted interviews with scientists about their work in phosphorus sustainability. Learn about their findings in these videos:

Anatomy of a Binational Watershed
Dr. Don Scavia of the University of Michigan speaks about his 2019 paper in Journal of Great Lakes Research entitled “Detroit River Phosphorus Loads: Anatomy of a Binational Watershed.”

Dr. Don Scavia of the University of Michigan

Watershed Buffering Capacity for Phosphorus
Dr. Jean-Olivier Goyette of the University of Montreal speaks about his 2019 paper in Nature Geoscience entitled “Low Buffering Capacity and Slow Recovery of Anthropogenic Phosphorus Pollution in Watersheds”

Dr. Jean-Olivier Goyette of the University of Montreal

The Role of Silicon in Soil Phosphorus Mobilization
Dr. Joerg Schaller of University of Bayreuth in Germany speaks about his 2019 paper in Scientific Reports entitled “Silicon increases the phosphorus availability of Arctic soils”

Dr. Joerg Schaller of University of Bayreuth