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Webinars and Videos

Webinars and Videos

Webinars and Videos

The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance hosts on important phosphorus management issues. Our members participate in the webinars and the phosphorus sustainability community is invited to attend.

In addition, we create video abstracts of phosphorus sustainability research that has been published recently in respected, peer-reviewed journals through our series The video abstracts are 5- to 10-minutes long and the researchers present their own findings.

Upcoming Webinar

Phosphorus: Past and Future

February 23 at 10:30 am CT

Drs. Jim Elser and Phil Haygarth–two big names in the field of phosphorus sustainability–have joined forces to write a book for lay audiences that describes the nature and history of phosphorus, its uses, and its twin role as both an essential ingredient of agriculture and a major contaminant of our waters. “Phosphorus: Past and Future”, available from Oxford University Press, discusses emerging efforts and innovations to develop phosphorus sustainability solutions to protect our food supply and water quality. We’ll have a high-level tour of the book with the authors and hear about the insights they gained from writing it. We’ll have plenty of time for the audience to ask questions of the authors.


  • Dr. Jim Elser, Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance
  • Dr. Phil Haygarth, Lancaster University, UK
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Most Recent Webinar

Managing Your P on the Farm

What measures can be taken to ensure that crops receive all the essential phosphorus that they need without polluting the environment? Our panelists provided up-to-date information on sustainable phosphorus use and management during this 90 minute webinar. We heard from Krista Maruca of OCP North America about farmer engagement programs and the business case for nutrient stewardship and conservation; from Dr. Chad Penn of USDA-ARS about field conservation practices to reduce P losses from tile drainage and runoff; from Dr. Heidi Peterson of the Sand Country Foundation about the role nutrient management planning plays in appropriate fertilization; and from Dr. Josh McGrath of University of Kentucky about the role precision agriculture plays in P management.


  • Ms. Krista Maruca, OCP North America
  • Dr. Heidi Peterson, Sand County Foundation
  • Dr. Chad Penn, USDA-ARS
  • Dr. Josh McGrath, University of Kentucky

Video Interviews – Phosphorus Science Now!

Dr. Matt Scholz of the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance has conducted interviews with scientists about their work in phosphorus sustainability. Learn about their findings in these videos:

Nutrients Increase Global Freshwater Carbon Sink
Dr. Adam Heathcote of the Science Museum of Minnesota, discusses how nutrient pollution is changing the rate of carbon burial in freshwater lake sediments across the globe.

Dr. Adam Heathcote of the Science Museum of Minnesota

Global Data: Diffuse N and P Loads and Yields
We discuss with Dr. Rich McDowell of Lincoln University, NZ, his 2020 Geosciences Data Journal paper entitled “Global database of diffuse riverine nitrogen and phosphorus loads and yields”.

Dr. Rich McDowell of Lincoln University, NZ

Phosphorus Substance Flow Analysis in Northern Ireland
We speak with Drs. Donnacha Doody and Shane Rothwell of the Agri Food and Biosciences Institute and Lancaster Environment Centre, respectively, about their 2020 Resources, Conservation and Recycling paper “Phosphorus stocks and flows in an intensive livestock dominated food system”.

Drs. Donnacha Doody of the Agri Food and Biosciences Institute and Shane Rothwell of Lancaster Environment Centre