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Sponsorships and Contributions

Sponsorships and Contributions

Sponsorships and Contributions


sustainable-phosphorus-alliancePhosphorus is a key ingredient in fertilizer and animal feed. Our food system takes more of our finite phosphorus resources than needed and allows the rest to slip away during food production. Unmanaged, the excess phosphorus can flow into our rivers, lakes and coastal oceans, polluting them, turning them green with harmful algae blooms, and making them toxic.

Your contribution to the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance supports collaboration between business and science to find ways to use phosphorus more sustainably:

  • Deliver the phosphorus needed for our food without wasting it.
  • Prevent the phosphorus discharges that are making our waters green, undrinkable, and toxic to us and other living things.
  • Reuse and recycle to extend our supply of phosphorus.

The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance is a unit of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University. Our activities to advance phosphorus sustainability are funded by membership dues and contributions.


We accept donations of any size through the Arizona State University Foundation. Individuals and organizations that would like to contribute by credit or debit card can click on the button below and make a donation to the ASU Foundation.

Please ensure “Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance” appears on the page and we will receive the donation.


We invite foundations and other funding organizations with interests that are compatible with phosphorus sustainability to contact us. We are happy to submit an application or any information requested to substantiate a grant that will support our work. Contact Matt Scholz, Program Manager, at .


Phosphorus Forum Sponsorship

Supporters of the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance may sponsor our annual Phosphorus Forum. Please contact us about opportunities to garner visibility for your organization.