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H2Ohio’s Phosphorus Efforts

Lake Erie has long been a waterbody of high interest to the P sustainability community because of its history of massive and damaging harmful algal blooms. In 2019, the state of Ohio launched its H2Ohio program to focus on improving water quality across Ohio, including on Lake Erie and its Maumee River tributary. Thus far, the program has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to phosphorus reduction projects, such as wetlands restoration, ag tech innovation, and septic system maintenance.

In this webinar, we’ll be hearing from a panel of speakers involved in the H2Ohio work. David Emerman of Ohio EPA will set the stage by talking about the program, especially its technology assessment and piloting work and its wetlands projects. He’ll be joined by one of the technology providers, Dave White of Ecosystem Services Exchange who will speak about their Automated Drainage Water Management System, and Bryan Stubbs from the Cleveland Water Alliance, who will describe their innovation fund, technology test beds, and water quality sensor networks. As always, we’ll leave plenty of time for audience questions.

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  • Bryan Stubbs, President and Executive, Cleveland Water Alliance
  • David Emerman, Chief Community Officer, Northeast District Office, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
  • Dave White, President, Ecosystem Services Exchange

Most recent webinar

Enhanced efficiency phosphate fertilizers

New formulations of fertilizers and related products offer the promise of greater nutrient use efficiency, better crop production, and lower environmental impacts. To incent development of these products, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and Department of Agriculture (USDA) have collaborated with various nongovernmental organizations to run the Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer and the Next Gen Fertilizer Challenges, with an emphasis on U.S. corn production.

In this webinar, we’ll hear about new phosphate fertilizer technologies from three companies who have participated in the challenge and developed fertilizers aimed at providing nutrition to crops while minimizing the environmental impact of fertilization: Verdesian Life Sciences, Timac Agro, and The Andersons. As always, we’ll reserve plenty of time for audience Q&A.


Video interviews – Phosphorus Science Now!

Matt Scholz of the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance has conducted interviews with scientists about their work in phosphorus sustainability. Learn about their findings in these videos:

Adam Heathcote of the Science Museum of Minnesota, discusses how nutrient pollution is changing the rate of carbon burial in freshwater lake sediments across the globe.

Adam Heathcote of the Science Museum of Minnesota

Global Data: Diffuse N and P Loads and Yields

We discuss with Rich McDowell of Lincoln University, NZ, his 2020 Geosciences Data Journal paper entitled “Global database of diffuse riverine nitrogen and phosphorus loads and yields”.

Rich McDowell of Lincoln University, NZ

Phosphorus Substance Flow Analysis in Northern Ireland

We speak with Donnacha Doody and Shane Rothwell of the Agri Food and Biosciences Institute and Lancaster Environment Centre, respectively, about their 2020 Resources, Conservation and Recycling paper “Phosphorus stocks and flows in an intensive livestock dominated food system”.

Donnacha Doody of the Agri Food and Biosciences Institute and Shane Rothwell of Lancaster Environment Centre