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Phosphorus Sustainability Challenge

The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance launched a new sustainability initiative to raise awareness about the role of phosphorus in global food security and water quality.

The Phosphorus Sustainability Challenge is a call to action for organizations of any size and type—public and private companies, non-profit organizations and government entities—to commit to lower their phosphorus footprint. Participating organizations will receive public recognition for their leadership and see how their own efforts contribute to larger scale sustainability impacts.

Who can join?

Any government at any jurisdictional level and any public or private institution or company of any size. The platform is designed to allow meaningful contributions by everyone from transnational corporations to small, local groups. We need all hands on deck. This includes those who produce phosphates and derivative products, who farm and sell agricultural products and services, those who treat water and wastewater, those who do urban planning and land management, and those who process and sell food products.

Find out more about how you can participate by visiting the Phosphorus Sustainability Challenge website at