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Featured Member: Biochar Now

How big is your company and where does it operate? Our company currently has a biochar production operation in Berthoud Colorado. We currently have 23 employees. We have recently closed

Alliance’s Phosphorus Transport Modeling Group Meets

By Dr. Matt Scholz Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance hosted its second in-person workshop of what’s been rebranded as its Phosphorus Transport Modeling Group in San Antonio, Texas,

Research Needed in Food Waste Co-digestion

By Dr. Michelle Young Arizona State University, Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology Food waste is a problem in the United States. About 30 to 40% of the U.S. food supply,

A Tool for Trapping Dissolved Phosphorus

By Dr. Chad PennUSDA-ARS, National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory The P removal structure is a large, landscape scale filter for dissolved phosphorus (DP), intended to intercept and trap P from

OCP: Feeding the Soil to Feed the Planet

By Krista Maruca of OCP North America OCP Group is a global player with a leadership position across the phosphate value chain in extracting, marketing and selling phosphate and its

Notes from the Alliance’s 2018 Phosphorus Modeling Workshop

By Dr. Grey Evenson, Ohio State University The Phosphorus Field-to-Watershed (P-F2W) Modeling Workshop brought 16 researchers and policy experts to Columbus, Ohio, on August 23rd and 24th. The group discussed

Europe Continues to Move Nutrient Policies Forward

By Chris Thornton, European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform The 3rd European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC3) brought together 300 companies, policy makers and experts in Helsinki, June 2018. New EU policies announced

Biosolids and Manure Task Force

Participation in a task force is one of the opportunities for our partners to contribute to the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance. One example is our Biosolids and Manure Task Force, which

Alliance Launches Biosolids and Manure Project

By Matt Scholz of the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance While the recycling of many products has only taken hold in the past few decades, people have been recycling phosphorus for thousands

Understanding Composition: One Key to Recycling Manure

By Rebecca Muenich of the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance Precision agriculture, the practice of employing monitoring systems, software, and equipment to modify farming inputs in a productive and efficient manner, is

Unconventionally Mining Phosphorus from Wastewater

By Michael Schmid of Renewable Nutrients Conventional wastewater treatment facilities have evolved to become extremely proficient in the practice of sequestering nutrients, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen, present within their incoming

Phosphorus Extraction from Wastes: The Key to Phosphorus Problems?

By Nick Reckinger of FEECO International, Inc. As one of the key nutrients in growth, phosphorus is critical to maintaining food security and life on Earth. This has scientists worried