Featured Member: GreenTechnologies

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Florida-based GreenTechnologies creates environmentally sound lawn and landscape solutions for personal, commercial and public interests. They develop products from renewable resources, for advancement of nutrient recycling and improving environmental quality.

How big is your company and where does it operate?

GreenTechnologies is a small Florida based Company with national product distribution network.

What does your company do related to phosphorus sustainability?

GreenTechnologies has developed patented process for production of Biobased Slow Release GreenEdge fertilizers. The phosphorus in our products is 100% renewable and it is recovered from wastewater treatment process. We have recovered and utilized more than 20,000,000 pounds of this renewable phosphorus for commercial turfgrass and other landscape plants. In addition to the phosphorus, we have also recovered and upcycled more than 60,000,000 pounds of nitrogen, and more than 350,000,000 pounds of organic matter.

What’s your business model?

Our business model is to provide our technology to wastewater treatment facilities for production of biobased fertilizers. We can also provide distribution and marketing of the products.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

The biggest challenge is the slow process of large scale project development.

Where do you see the biggest opportunities for advancing phosphorus sustainability?

Continued population growth worldwide provides significant opportunities for wastewater treatment and phosphorus recovery and utilization.

What’s been your biggest sustainability win?

Our biggest sustainability win has been our ability to produce the GreenEdge Biobased products cost effectively and developing a diverse customer base.